About our Van Beek stores

Are you looking for deluxe leather goods, business cases and/or travel items, then you’re on the right address with us. We are more than 84 years an established name on the area of leather goods, suitcases and accessories. In our stores and web shop you will find a very extensive collection with exclusive, fashion and youthfull brands.

Exclusive Brands as: Longchamp, Cowboysbag, Claudio Ferrici, PiquadroKipling, Renato Angi, Castelijn & Beerens, The BridgeMywalit, Mulberry, Berba en Campomaggi. And a big travel department with brands like.: Samsonite, Rimowa, Tumi und Bric's.


We have the total collection of the very famous Dutch Design: Secrid, cardprotectors and wallets.


Van Beek Lederwaren has already been a good name and wellknown store in Leathergoods and Travelgear. Visit our stores in the centre from Zwolle, located on the Grote Martkt.

Via our Web-Shop we deliver to countries all over the world.

Van Beek Zwolle, The Bridge CornerVan Beek Zwolle, Shop Grote MarktVan Beek Zwolle, Shop / Vide Grotye Markt




Van Beek Zwolle, Shop Zwolle

Head Quarter Store

Van Beek Lederwaren Grote Markt
Grote Markt 4-5
NL-8011 LV Zwolle
Tel. +31 38 421 67 64



shop Hoogeveen

Allround store

Van Beek Lederwaren Hoogeveen
Hoofdstraat 113
NL-7902 ED Hoogeveen
Tel. +31 528 262 105



Shop Travel & Bags

Travel & Bags
Kleine A 7
NL-8011 VS Zwolle
Tel. +31 38 421 04 40



Shop Kampen

Allround store

Van Beek Lederwaren Kampen
Oudestraat 98
NL-8261 CV Kampen
Tel. +31 38 331 31 85


Outletshop Kleine A, Zwolle


Van Beek Lederwaren Outlet
Kleine A 9
NL-8011 VS Zwolle
Tel. +31 38 421 04 40



Our Business Point

Business Point Zwolle


Van Beek Lederwaren Business Point
Ossenkamp 2N
NL-8024 AE Zwolle
Tel. +31 38 421 29 57